Who is “Jasa Supir SMB” / “SMB Driver Services”

Jasa Supir SMB is ready to cooperate with companies, who need manpower for driver’s position, if you need a large or small number of drivers for your company please contacts us, and we send you a quotation.
We have an outsourcing system is a system that we use in every contract and cooperation with our client company. We also provide non outsourcing system. Jasa Supir SMB provides driver’s manpower for your company and we organize and control daily operational to ensure our client satisfaction.

A strict and selective system to provide manpower, supervision and daily control, are our characteristic that we shall always maintain to ensure our credibility and service for our client company. Based on the above principles, we are very sure that we can carry on the mandate to cooperate with your company in providing a suitable person as a driver for your company.


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